Hey everybody out there in Dyslexic land , its been a while, I have been making jewelry and music. My latest Musical endeavor, is titled Emulating Nature and it is available on Apple Music , Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, and Amazon. Please check it out if you have a chance. I’ve also been making Jewelry, as […]

Hey everybody out there in Dyslexic land, I have just put out a a new release, it is called Emulating Nature. it is available on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Google play, Amazon. I hope you like . let me know what you think.

Hey Dyslexic brothers and sisters. Today I thought, I would write about the word Art. Art to me is an idea of expression, how we do that as artists is the medium we choose to Express ourselves. For myself art is me trying to emulate nature ,and expressing, my thoughts, through sounds. My medium is guitar, and sound manipulation ,another way to put this is I am an experimental guitarist. what I do, I would consider it to be form abstract expressionism. which means I am not using traditional forms as we are used to hearing them. if you would like to hear some of these examples, check out my cd called Ghosts Thinking on YouTube in particulate, a song called This day.

Hey everybody out there in dyslexic land I just wanted to let you know about an art exhibit at the university of Whitewater Wisconsin. It is at the Crossmen Gallery in the art building, 950 W Main ST, Whitewater, WI 53190. The titled of the exhibit is called The Hyphenated, the work ranges from paiting […]

Hey every buddy out there in dyslexic land, I just recently had a terrible experience at a new job. I told them that I was dyslexic, and that it would take me a while to learn the job. I was ignored and treated badly. I think the message I would like to convey is that being dyslexic ,is just a differ way of learning. people that have no idea what dyslexia is, often dismiss the person that just told them they are dyslexic. as a people we need to be more compassionate with one another. If some one tells you they are Dyslexic ,and they don’t understand what that means, ask the person. compassion and kindness go a long way, and you just might learn something about yourself.

Hey everyone out there in Dyslexic land, I hope you are all having a great day. This Saturday afternoon I will be doing an Ebow performance on instagram. for those of you who don’t know what an Ebow is it is a device that sustains notes on the guitar. Ebow stands for electronic bow. it is a monophonic device, which means it plays one note at a time, mono meaning one. The Ebow is a magnet powered by a nine volt battery that disrupts the pickups on the guitar creating sustain. I hope did not bore you with this explanation. My show will be at 5:00pm Central time on instagram. hope to see you there.