The New Year

Hi everyone out there in dyslexic land! Another year has passed. As we are heading in to 2021, I am wishing for a better year for all of us. My goals are to post more often on this blog, and to provide some sort of understanding about being dyslexic by sharing information about my life experience as a dyslexic person with ADHD. 2020 was a challenge, to say the least, but I have been working on my music and will soon release a new Album (stay tuned). I also started an Instagram page exclusively for my drawings, I hope you will check it out. Insta: anthonyfaris_art_

If you are a Dyslexic artist who would like to be featured, please let me know. Be safe out there people, and be kind too one anther. Happy New Year to all.

Here is the latest Dyslexia News from Science Daily

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